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Bite-sized webinars featuring: Pat McGrew, Lee Picano and John Varghese

Businesses that rely on traditional, manual systems are struggling to achieve the same results as those who have automated and optimized their workflow. They don’t have the same control over what’s happening on a day-to-day and on a long-term basis and have to work harder to create the same level of relationships with their customers.

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Why Workflow Works

This bite-sized (21 minutes) webinar provides an introduction to the power of an automated workflow – and how to develop a workflow mindset.

Why Workflow Works in the Insurance Industry

This bite-sized (19 minutes) webinar takes a look at how workflows impact Insurance companies, Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) and Independent Adjusters (IAs).

Why Workflow Works Today

This bite-sized (25 minutes) webinar takes a look at how new technologies and a thirst for up-to-the-minute reporting capabilities have impacted the claims workflow.

According to McKinsey & Company, automating your claims process can reduce the cost of a claims journey by as much as 30 percent.

Exactly how would your business benefit from having an optimized workflow?

What do words like ‘streamlined’ and ‘seamless’ actually mean, when applied to the tasks an insurance claims manager must accomplish daily, weekly, or seasonally?

How can you adapt current systems and processes into an automated workflow that fits the way you work?

The average claims workflow has 20 touchpoints.

By integrating advanced technologies into operations, you can reduce the number of touchpoints and drive a more efficient workflow for all departments, from first notification of loss right through to settlement.

VCA’s Workflow That Works webinar series takes a deep dive into the world of workflow, with real-life examples of how automation and data insights help you manage claims faster – and smarter.

Watch each bite-sized webinar in 25 minutes or less.

The series features Pat McGrew, M-EDP, CMP – Managing Director, The McGrew Group.

Pat is a facilitator, communication technology evangelist and workflow wizard. She has spent the last 30+ years helping customers create success through communication products.

Pat is joined by VCA’s Founder and CTO, Lee Picano; President and CEO John Varghese; as well as Ilda Cairns, VP of Client Services and Courtney Randell, VCA’s Customer Success Specialist.

Together, they will explore how workflow, automation and data are impacting the insurance claims process.

About Our Presenters:

Pat McGrew M-EDP, CMP

Wizard of Workflow

Managing Director, Owner, Publisher: McGrew Group, Inc./MC2 Services
30+ years helping customers create success through communication products
Author, Speaker, Analyst, Industry Evangelist

John Varghese, ICD.D

Business Growth Leader

President and CEO: VCA
20+ years growing companies and simplifying processes through digital transformation.
Executive, Innovation Driver, Futurist, Change Manager

Lee Picano

Insurance Industry Visionary

Founder and Chief Technical Officer: VCA
20+ years focused on client experiences and opportunities that can help their growth
Entrepreneur, Technology pioneer, Former Insurance Adjuster

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Why Workflow Works

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Why Workflow Works in the Insurance Industry

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Why Workflow Works Today

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