As leaders in the claims management industry, we are aware that one solution does not always fit every client.

VCA was built by a claims adjuster – for claims adjusters. Because of this, our Claims Management Specialists will help you choose the right product (even if it’s not ours) based on YOUR business needs. We promise a comprehensive, unbiased review, complete with detailed product comparisons – so you can choose a solution with confidence.


For this reason our Claims Management Specialists have regularly been tasked with consulting projects to review the business needs of a client and assist them with product evaluation. Although the Virtual Claims Adjuster product is certainly included in the evaluation our insistence in our client’s involvement ensures a non-biased comparison. Their time spent with the client completing detailed product comparisons ensures that they are able to choose a solution with confidence.

Should you wish to carry this evaluation process out alone, the following are some of the very basic facts that you should cover in your review:


Reliability factor

What kind of track record does the application have, ask about application downtime in the last year.

Ease of use

What type of training is typically required? Does the product feel intuitive to you? Do you feel that you could you use it without the sales person?

Hosting infrastructure

Determine the type of hosting facility, what types of redundancies do they offer? Do they offer acceptable security standards? Are they compliant with typical industry standards such as HIPAA, PCI, SSAE16 SOC1 Type II ?

Product updates

How often are updates issued? How are they issued, on disk, download, or instantly installed? Can the vendor provide any historical examples of update patterns, ex: How many updates occurred within the last 12 months? Do updates or new releases carry a cost to you, the client?

Security practices

Is the application secure? What are the provider’s policies as they relate to the application? Do they employ real time security monitoring, intrusion detection, properly configured SSL encryption?

Software management

How does the vendor evaluate upgrade requests? Will you be flooded with complex changes in the future that do not relate to your business yet you are forced to use?

Data backup options

Does the product include data backup services? Are there any additional options available to you? Can you create additional customized backup procedures as you scale in size?

Scalability of chosen platform

How does the product perform under extreme usage? (It may be a good idea to first define what your definition of ‘extreme usage’ is). What type of usage loads has the vendor seen within the product in the past?

Product flexibility

How flexible is the product? Can it be configured or customized in any way?

Growth strategies

Does the product offer higher levels of service to ensure that you do not outgrow the application? How are these implemented?


You don’t need to do this alone. Let us help you with the daunting task of evaluating solutions, so you can get back to what matters most – resolving claims.