In the past, small to medium sized organizations achieved success within their industry based on their work efforts, yet failed to realize the risks that their business was exposed to on a daily basis.

The best claims management software minimizes your risk as much as possible, when unexpected loss occurs.


Controlling the risks of doing business means identifying, managing, and reducing the sources of risk before they cause serious harm. VCA provides the real-time insights you need to mitigate risk – it was the first Insurance Technology to comply with Lloyd’s of London Bordereau specification and meets all your privacy and data security requirements.


It was once thought that a simple backup at the end of the day was sufficient to insure that data was protected from loss. The reality, however is not even close. Today, data is at risk from many areas such as security breaches, data theft, network devices, third-party providers, malware and more.  Water or fire damage can wipe out laptops, workstations and servers – while power loss can lead to business downtime and disruption lasting days or weeks.

  • How long would it take to replace or rebuild your environment?

  • What types of hardware costs would be involved?

  • What time would be required to secure the physical hardware prior to configuration?

  • Are backups ever skipped and does someone monitor failure alerts?

  • Are the backups moved to an offsite facility?

  • What would the downtime look like from a cost and client perspective?

  • Do you have the in-house skill sets and resources to maintain a fully redundant environment?

  • Does it make sense to try navigate these complex issues on your own ?


The reality is that in the past, small businesses had no choice. They were burdened with the risk because the costs to achieve a perfect disaster recovery plan were too expensive. As a result, most chose to turn a blind eye to the risk and concentrated on their day-to-day business.


While data can be stored offsite and critical files can be replicated instead of just copied, increased natural disasters, malware, internet outages, data breaches, equipment failures remain a reality.

We take your security and your data seriously and ensure that you are kept safe from digital voyeurs and hackers – regardless the size of your business. VCA meets all your privacy and data security needs. Our software is SOC II Compliant, all data is automatically encrypted and data centers are located in the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia. VCA is HIPAA, SOC2, ISAE, ITIL, CSA, GDPR and HiTrust CSF certified.

As your needs change, VCA helps you adapt with the ability to easily scale up in the high-volume months and scale back as the volume dies down – while helping you mitigate risk.


Virtual Claims Adjuster can help you devise a plan to recover from a catastrophic failure – before it happens. Our consultants help clients evaluate their current working environment and processes and develop a plan to mitigate data losses and recover business operations allowing you to get back on track as soon as possible, minimizing the impact of downtime.

This does not only include data .. but deals with a complete recovery of all business operations, the costs involved, and the impact on their business – whether it’s from typical scenarios such as the loss of power, data, or connectivity – but also the possibility of physical office displacement and the time to resume operations from a hot site or temporary office location.


  • Hardware life cycle

  • Data backup frequency

  • Backup corruption .. Are backups tested?

  • Data loss risk

  • Physical environment rebuild time

  • Infrastructure outage protection

  • Recovery timeline


Over the years, we’ve uncovered various competing vendors, who have taken shortcuts or simply not lived up to the expectations of the client. Our goal is to avoid these scenarios and help you ask the right questions before moving forward – so that you are fully aware of the level of security and recovery that you will be receiving.

Here at Virtual Claims Adjuster, we minimize these concerns by offering a fully offsite environment. We are hosted in multiple Tier 1 Data Centers across North America, the UK and Australia, with redundant power and internet backbones.


In addition to the elimination of the “environmental risk” we also have facilities in place to allow the client to request or even perform additional backup services of their own, outside of our practices.


Get help with your disaster recovery planning. Whether you are an existing client or simply looking for help making an informed decision, we are happy to assist you.