Virtual Claims Adjuster is an evolving claims management system, with a feature set that is seamlessly enhanced on a regular basis free of charge. Our internal processes ensure that our clients have the ability to provide input regarding the future features that are added to Virtual Claims Adjuster.

“… a claims management system that exceeds our clients’ expectations…”


There are several types of development firms on the market today. The majority of these firms are concerned primarily with their bottom line, always pushing the next sale. Many of these firms outsource their development to third party offshore companies and trade quality for reduced development costs. Does this decision benefit their client in any way? Virtual Claims Adjuster employs a group of highly talented software developers and business analysts with skills in several areas of both software development and business management. Our client’s needs, and how effectively we meet them, are extremely important to us. After all, this is what truly determines success and provides our clients with superior software solutions.


Once a feature is approved, it flows through a rigorous business analysis and design process before being developed by our in-house team of senior level development staff, some of which have direct experience in the claims industry.


Best in class Tier-1 Data Center provides extremely high scalability rates, and security

Redundant access points provide exceptional up-time and reliability

Customizable business settings allow you to customize various features within VCA

Rapid response support team who adheres to a 30 minute response time

Integration with various other systems and custom integrations available

Personnel management and performance reporting

A robust feature set that continuously evolves to meet current and future needs

Disaster recovery tools to ensure that you can safeguard your data

Various mobile and ultra mobile platforms are available


We strive to change the face of the development industry by incorporating proven new ideas, principles and ethics. Creating powerful software solutions that evolve with complete scalability and adaptability is what we are known for. This is accomplished by implementing a project management process that allows us to work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that our software is planned, developed and deployed in the most efficient manner possible. This process ensures that our clients’ associates adapt well to their technology implementation and integration.

Unlike VCA, many other technology companies require several hierarchical levels within a development group or outsourced IT group. The common result from this type of process is that projects are seldom delivered on time due to the fact that there is a failure to communicate. The end result is not client focused as client requirements and project scope changes get lost in the translation.


As an industry leader, our focus is to enhance software development not only through solid development skills, but also through the ability to discuss business logic with our clients, without the technical jargon that developers are so famous for.