If your claims handling business works in the Lloyds Market, you know how different those Lloyds of London reporting requirements are. Managing all the aspects of a claims handling business is already stressful enough without the hassle of worrying about your staff improperly recording or omitting required claims handling information.

The importance of optimizing your processes as your business grows and moves into the Lloyds Market is crucial. Virtual Claims Adjuster gives you the ability to meet all of these requirements with ease with its proprietary Lloyds reporting module. Virtual Claims Adjuster is the only online claims management software system with this capability!

Here’s 4 ways to use Virtual Claims Adjuster software to make Lloyds of London reporting requirements seamless for your business.

1. Effortless Reporting

With Virtual Claims Adjuster’s Lloyd’s module, you can generate the required reporting quickly and easily – ensuring accuracy, and saving time and money.

2. Streamline the Handling Process

Ineffective processes create extra time that you can’t bill for, which results in lost revenue. Virtual Claims Adjuster streamlines all your claims handling activities in both the domestic market and the Lloyds Market, by minimizing redundant tasks and reducing your reliance on multiple software applications.

In turn, this helps reduce the possibility of manual errors and lowers your file handling costs, so you can increase your company’s profits automatically.

3. Standardize Your Business Processes

In order to have a truly successful business, you need to make sure processes are in place to keep things running smoothly. This can be difficult when the unexpected happens at your company and your claims need to be reassigned.

Virtual Claims Adjuster helps you standardize your processes to increase the fluidity of your workforce. Standardizing the way claims are handled makes things like file audits, file transfer, overflow coverage, assisting personnel, and training new staff members easier to achieve, even for complicated Lloyds Market claims.

4. Maximize Your Managerial View

Working in the Lloyds Market can seem overly detailed and confusing to your staff members who are not familiar with the requirements. Virtual Claims Adjuster provides you with the ability to instantly review your employee performance and easily resolve any issues before they escalate.

VCA also helps ensure accuracy with full business metrics that give you the ability to confirm that tasks are completed correctly and on time.

Whether your business works in the Lloyds Market, the domestic market, or both, cloud-based claims management software can help make it all seamless.

With the advanced mobile capabilities that provide data accessibility 24/7 and the versatile interface that accommodates both the domestic market and the Lloyds Market, Virtual Claims Adjuster has all the features you need to grow your business like you’ve always dreamed.

Access your free guided demo of Virtual Claims Adjuster and see how our online claims system can save you time and money while increasing security and marketability in your independent claims handling business.

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