Any business that handles insurance claims on a regular basis understands just how laborious the task can be. Ensuring that every party involved with an insurance claim has up-to-date and accurate information and that every person knows what needs to be done next, can be time-consuming and difficult to handle. This is especially true for those who manage multiple claims at any one time.

For this reason, claims handling software has become an essential part of this industry. With Virtual Claims Adjuster, users can streamline the way they handle insurance claims, ensure greater accuracy, and effortlessly manage multiple claims at one time.

Access Your Claims Remotely

One of the most convenient features of claims handling software like Virtual Claims Adjuster is that it can be accessed remotely. Whether you’re at work, at home, or out on the field, all your cases can be instantly accessed on your phone or another mobile device. Within that mobile app or web software, you can update cases, add new information, send important messages to all parties involved, or even initiate a new claim.

Accessing your claims remotely means you’re no longer restricted to your office, or indeed, anywhere you can take a laptop!

Reduce Unnecessary Spending

Virtual Claims Adjuster puts all of your company’s information and data in one place. It means less time spent handling repetitive tasks, ensures a smaller team can get on with the jobs they need to do, and reduces your infrastructure expenditure.

In short, this innovative software solution optimizes your company’s revenues and ensures you’re always spending your money wisely. The easy-to-use and intuitive nature of our software, combined with our competitive rates, make VCA a compelling option for your company.

Update All Parties in One App

With our software, there’s no need to send multiple emails to update all parties every time a case moves along. By controlling permissions on each case, you can ensure relevant people are automatically updated and notified whenever anything changes.

Added a new file to the case? No need to tell anyone, they’ll get a notification straight to their device. It’s really that easy.

Make Data Entry Simple

Data entry is a key part of claims management. This is the process that establishes the parameters and context of each claim, and it is essential this information is reproduced correctly on all forms and for all parties involved.

With Virtual Claims Adjuster, you can quickly and easily generate invoices, create automatic file notes, update cases remotely, and generate template and photo-sheets in just a few clicks (or taps!). When you create a case and input the relevant information, the software automatically captures that information and replicates it, filling in all relevant forms and doing away with repetitive and pointless tasks.

Data entry has never been easier.

Offload Data Security to VCA

Finally, Virtual Claims Adjuster allows you to offload much of the burden of keeping data secure to the software.

Designed to protect personal information, this mobile software keeps data locked down and protected with all the latest cybersecurity tricks and techniques. Your customers’ data is always safe in our hands, and you don’t need to spend extra time or money securing it.

Consider these five ways our software makes your work easier, and we’re sure you’ll see the value in what we offer.

It’s all available at a highly competitive rate, too!

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