Re-imagine Your Insurance Claims Process

Turn your claims adjusters into decision makers and focus on what matters most – resolving claims faster

VCA cuts file handling costs by as much as 30% and in mere minutes, can automatically triage thousands of claims and smart-distribute them to adjusters based on location, workload capacity and productivity scores.

Our intuitive system enables you to start resolving claims in less than an hour of training. All features are accessible with a mouse-over and our customer service calls are addressed in less than 30 minutes.

Resolve claims faster – Be completely supported – Efficiently manage claims – Empower your adjusters



Access and update claims information from the field – or from your home – without compromising security or safety


Shave time - and keystrokes - with quick entries for file notes, logging time and changing claim statuses


Start resolving claims in less than an hour of training and improve the claims flow process with insights into the lifecycle of an individual claim, and into the productivity of the entire team

" I can honestly say it's one of the BEST decisions we ever made. We have been using VCA since 2009 and have ALWAYS been very happy with the reliability, functionality, and fantastic support. VCA is an important part of our business and specifically designed for the insurance industry. It is easy to learn, intuitive to understand and would allow on office to go totally paperless. "

Les White

" We chose VCA several years ago because of its flexibility to meet our clients varied, specific needs for communications, financials and reporting. VCA was able to craft to those needs without forgoing any of the larger, broad based out of the box features the product provides. In short, VCA gave us and by extension, our clients, the best of both worlds. The software is intuitive and delivers essential real time information to our clients when they need it. Concurrent with VCA’s technical acumen is the professional and courteous demeanor of its people. The staff responds to the smallest query and largest project with equal cordiality and professionalism. Our partnership with VCA has been critical to our providing first class service and results to our clients. "

Rachel Henderson

" The customer service is exceptional! We never felt as if we were on our own. VCA customer support and our personal rep are always there to assist whenever we did have a question but that was few and far between because the software is so easy to use. "

Michael Varga