Insurance claims in the transportation and logistics industry have the potential to become highly complicated. Whenever transport or heavy equipment is involved, you can be sure that there is the risk of an accident, whether it’s on the ground, on the water, or in the air.

But more than that—you may even be dealing with personal injuries, theft, damaged cargo, and huge losses as part of a claim. Depending on the incident and the parties involved, your job as an adjuster can quickly become a headache.

Furthermore, when time-sensitive factors such as cargo delivery deadlines are brought into the fold, it’s important that you’re able to process the insurance claim as swiftly as possible. Balancing all of these moving parts with complete compliance can prove to be challenge, even for the most experienced adjusters.

Hassle-free Transportation & Logistics Claims Management

With Virtual Claims Adjuster, you can navigate the claims filing process faster and with greater efficiency

If you’re currently handicapped by a stubborn or fickle claim management system (or none at all!), this can quickly become a source of frustration for you. It may very well prevent you from performing your job properly and on time.

Fortunately, you can lean on Virtual Claims Adjuster, our cloud-based claims management software, to increase productivity, improve communication, keep claim data secure, and streamline filing processes with full compliance.

Give more attention to important details by automating redundant tasks.

Of course, no two transportation or logistics claims are the same. It’s the variables, the unknowns, and the discrepancies of a claim that require the most attention from an adjuster.

As a result, you don’t have time to be performing the same mundane tasks over and over. And with Virtual Claims Adjuster, you don’t have to! Our user-friendly claims management system allows you to automate manual tasks with ease, freeing you up to process your claims faster and increase your company’s bottom line.

Access Claims on the Go!

Particularly if you balance time spent in the field with time spent in the office, you need quick and easy access to claims. Virtual Claims Adjuster features a robust mobile application that can be accessed anywhere in the world with little more than a wireless or cellular connection.

Whether you’re out in the field, sitting at your office desk, or working from the comfort of your own home, you can access all of the software’s features and make real-time updates for seamless communication with your team.

We offer personalized solutions for all businesses and budgets.

We recognize that every business has different claims management needs. If you’re an independent adjuster, for example, it’s unlikely that you’ll need access to all of the features we’re able to offer. Furthermore, it may not be financially viable for you to pay what larger companies pay to use the Virtual Claims Adjuster software.

Fortunately, our team offers tailored solutions for claims filing businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a single license or a full integration for 20+ employees, rest assured that our team has got you covered.

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