A Masterstroke of Claims Handling Innovation

Virtual Claims Adjuster is more than just an online reporting app. We don’t aim to offer occasional conveniences that speed up workflow. Instead, we provide an online software solution that allows third-party adjusters in the USA to completely transform the way they work.

Our software for web and mobile is an all-encompassing claim handling tool that is flexible, feature-rich, and designed to grow with you and your business.

Unparalleled Functionality, Designed for Third-Party Adjusters

We designed our Virtual Claims Adjuster software from the ground up, starting with a detailed analysis of the insurance industry and other claims management offerings. This process saw our team develop innovative new software solutions for every step of the claims management process, and exciting new tools that reduce time spent on administrative matters and change your workflow.

No other software solution offers the kind of tools that VCA does. From one app on your phone or laptop, users can file new claims, manage ongoing cases and disputes, enter time stamps, upload and download attachments, and more.

Power in Your Pocket

The Virtual Claims Adjuster app puts power in your pocket, supporting your work evaluating customer claims. As a third-party adjuster in the USA, you have a huge weight on your shoulders. Not only are you tasked with evaluating claims to determine the liability of insurance companies, but you are also responsible for the filing of those claims, managing all compliance matters, and ensuring both parties are happy with the eventual settlement. This is a time-consuming process, and professional adjusters handle multiple cases at any one time.

That’s why our VCA system goes beyond basic claims management and incorporates all the tools you need into one place.

You can share files with insurance agencies, snap photos and upload them directly, automatically notify all other parties involved with the case about changes, and even analyze important metrics for your business.

The Ultimate Communications Tool

Consider Virtual Claims Adjuster your ultimate communications and management tool.

It does away with confusing email exchanges and manual notifications, automating the process entirely and ensuring everyone is kept up to date with the progress of every case you handle. When initiating a claim, the system prompts you to enter the contact details of other parties involved with the case. When you upload new information, change timestamps, file status updates or change any other part of the claim, everyone is notified automatically.

No tedious administrative work required.

Scalable, Reliable, and Customisable

Such a powerful tool comes with great responsibility. Supported by a best in class Tier-1 Data Center, Virtual Claims Adjuster offers incredible up-time and overall reliability, meaning your data is always readily available and your workday isn’t disrupted by annoying loading screens.

This is a scalable software tool that meets the demands of individual third-party adjusters, but which can also be rolled out to teams to enhance communication and create a more dynamic work structure. Virtual Claims Adjuster is reliable, scalable, and even customisable. Users can adapt business settings to make the software suit your exact needs.

Always Building on New Trends and Customer Needs

Virtual Claims Adjuster is always getting better. Our software service is built on the promise of providing third-party adjusters with a comprehensive online solution for all elements of claims management, from filing to completion.