Whether adjusting in the fields of aviation, energy, marine, property, casualty or special risks, your job is never quick or simple.

Cutting out the repetitive, mundane tasks in claims adjusting, ensuring compliance with regulators such as CONDUSEF in Mexico as well as Lloyd’s of London, and handling files quickly and efficiently – often out in the field – are some of the challenges you face as a third-party adjuster.

We understand that in the business of third-party claims adjustments, you have a wide variety of tasks, obligations, and hurdles, with enormous volumes of admin in claims intake and assessment alone. Whether adjusting in the fields of aviation, energy, marine, property, casualty or special risks, your job is never quick or simple.

Now imagine a cloud-based software solution you can access anywhere, anytime, even from your mobile device. Imagine yourself accessing your files, enjoying intake and assessment automation, capturing loss photos and a lot more from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re assessing and adjusting a collision or road injury claim, commercial, residential or industrial property loss, or working on a liability case, our Virtual Claims Adjuster software can make your life a lot easier.

Our in-house developers and business analysts work hard to find solutions that fit you and your business with its unique challenges. Thanks to our automation of claim intake and assessment, you’ll see an increase in your staff productivity and capacity, which means cost and time savings for your company. And, with all the information available to all the relevant people in real-time, communication has never been easier – or clearer. Gone are the days of wasting time in update meetings. File handling costs are reduced, and turnaround time minimized.

At VCA, we acknowledge that legislation varies from region to region, which is why our software is designed to check and ensure your processes are compliant with local regulations, guidelines, and protocols. And what about Lloyd’s compliance? We’ve got you covered, as easy as that.

Another VCA feature to your benefit is our unprecedented levels of data security.

Further, we have disaster recovery safeguards in place to ensure against data loss. We know your business is unique, and therefore it might be tempting to have your very own in-house software built. However, by letting us take care of it for you, you get to sit back and simply get your job done. IT upgrades, security, updates, bug fixes, and changes? Leave it to us. Plus, you have access to our highly skilled team of developers and business analysts who are able to help with any additional functions or platforms. To accommodate the unique needs of your business, our in-house developers are able to build additional functionalities to sit on the VCA framework.

Given our scalable program model and licensing options from per file to per seat or company-wide, we can tailor the most cost-effective software package to suit the needs of your company.