As a third-party adjuster, the scope of your work is enormous, and the admin of claims intake and assessment never-ending.

Whether you’re adjusting in a collision or road injury claim, a commercial, residential or industrial property loss, or investigating a liability case, your task is complex and time-consuming.

As you know all too well, accuracy and meticulous scrutiny are essential, from policy review to the eventual negotiation. That’s nothing new, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything simple about combing through policies to check and double-check every endorsement, exclusion or limitation. What about quantifying loss and countering initial settlement offers? That’s pretty much a marriage of science and art. Of course, there’s Lloyd’s compliancy to factor in too, as well as all the many industry guidelines and protocols, which may vary from province to province, just to add another level of complexity. This job has always featured a high number of mundane, manual tasks.

Why then not sit back a little and let Virtual Claims Adjuster take some of the load off you? Our cloud-based claims adjustment software improves everything from file access to search functions and camera capture. What’s more, the beauty of a cloud-based tool is smooth and effective communication in real-time. The VCA framework gives your entire team access to all the information, all in one place, cutting down on update meetings to boost staff productivity and team spirit.

Claim intake and assessment plus other manual tasks are automated with the VCA software, minimizing file-turnaround and lowering file handling costs. You will be pleased to see the increase in employee efficiency. All of this bodes well for your company’s bottom line. Another feature we’re proud of at VCA is our unprecedented levels of data security. Further, we have disaster recovery safeguards in place to ensure against data loss.

We know that a significant part of your work takes place in the field. While traditional claims software was designed for use on clunky desktops, our modern, streamlined system is fully mobile. Being able to access all your data and files right on-site, on your smartphone, certainly simplifies your life. Plus, now you can capture loss and other relevant photos right on your phone for quick and easy upload to your Virtual Claims Adjuster.

In the short-term, our software makes your job a pleasure, and in the long-term Virtual Claims Adjuster solves even more headaches. Sourcing your software from us means you can sit back and just get your job done, and leave the IT upgrades and updates to us. What’s more, you have access to our stellar team of developers and business analysts so that if you find you need additional functions or platforms we can help you. We understand that your business is unique and specialized, and our in-house developers are able to build additional functionalities to sit on the VCA framework.

Thanks to a scalable program model and licensing options from per file to per seat or company-wide, we’re able to tailor the most cost-effective software package for you and your company.