Fighting Third-Party Adjusters’ Uphill Compliance Battle

Third-party adjusters in Australia face an uphill compliance battle that isn’t getting any easier. As well as complying with local and national Australian regulations, third-party adjusters must be fully compliant with all the rules required by the insurance companies they work with.

Compliance is a minefield of official processes and rules, but with Virtual Claims Adjuster, claims management is made simpler than ever before. With our innovative and constantly evolving software, third-party adjusters in Australia are saving time and offering more reliable, timely services to clients.

How? It all boils down to our in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry.

Our team developed Virtual Claims Adjuster with custom fields for different industries and ensured every customer can create a dashboard that works for them. Third-party adjusters in Australia can generate compliance forms, organised by category, that make filing different kinds of claims quick and painless.

With the right forms, and software designed to meet a multitude of regulatory standards, third-party adjusters can offer a better service and increase efficiency no end.

A Feature-Rich, All-In-One Solution

The Virtual Claims Adjuster dashboard splits up your work into communication, claims management, and appointments. Quickly and easily filter through these options and then access tools and features that allow you to initiate new claims, manage those cases, communicate with all parties involved, and sign off completed accounts without leaving the app.

Within the claims management section of the software, users can:

Create new claims and sort by insurance company and claim type
Take photographs and instantly upload to a case file from a smartphone
Add locations and addresses
Manage timestamps and similar evidentiary information
Rapid search for files and important information

Combined with a feature-rich communications section, Virtual Claims Adjuster is the comprehensive tool that every third-party adjuster needs.

Automated Communication Saves You Time

Say goodbye to complicated email threads and searching multiple email accounts to find important files, information, and messages. An automated notification system means that you’ll be kept up to date with any changes to the case, and your colleagues, partners, or clients will all be notified as soon as you make any changes to the file.

It means you don’t have to send multiple emails to parties concerned, saving you time and allowing you to quickly and easy access communication without switching between apps.

Not only that, but users can set appointments and receive notifications relating to different cases and send messages to other app users. It’s an all-in-one system designed to go beyond normal claims management and become the only mobile tool you need to get your job done.

Reduce Overhead and Streamline Your Workflow

Run by professionals and powered by a best in class Tier-1 Data Centre, Virtual Claims Adjuster offers the efficiency and reliability you need to run your business operations every day. And, with a team of experts who understand the complexities of the insurance industry constantly working to improve the software, you can expect fantastic customer support and a constant flow of new features.

See how Virtual Claims Adjuster can transform your business by checking out our free trial today!