Processing claims accurately and efficiently can be difficult. Especially if your claims management software is bloated and has poor functionality. When you’ve got to head out into the field to process a claim on behalf of your clients, it helps to have the right tools for the job. And when it comes to assessing the claim, the more detailed your record-keeping, the better.

Would a fully-compliant, cloud-based solution that you can access on your mobile device make processing claims easier?

If you’re a third-party adjuster looking to streamline processes, increase accuracy and improve the expedition of processing insurance claims, then VCA’s fully-featured claims management system embedded within a cloud-based business management suite might be the right solution for you.

Historically, filing insurance claims has come with a litany of challenges and has had a tendency to be a tedious process. Aligning with compliance is vitally important to the success of your claim and to the integrity of your business, and given that Virtual Claims Adjuster complies with the industry-standard Lloyd’s of London, you know that you’ve got your bases covered.

Virtual Claims Adjuster helps you take the headache out of claims processing…

Our feature-rich cloud-based software allows clients worldwide to access file information anywhere they have an internet connection and at any given time, all while minimizing infrastructure and IT resource costs. On the fly data queries, third-party integrations, detailed time and expense tracking and much more are all available no matter where you choose to access it. Mobile, or desktop, wifi or cell networks, it’s all right at your fingertips with VCA. 

More importantly, Virtual Claims Adjuster boasts industry-leading embedded data protection, and as part of our corporate responsibility initiative, we’ve implemented unprecedented levels of security. This way, we can help our clients meet the security expectations that are demanded from them in today’s market. All communications are encrypted using today’s most rigid SSL and TLS encryption levels. This configuration achieves an A rating with our SSL verification and testing partners.

Why build an in-house solution when you can leverage the flexible and adaptable nature of Virtual Claims Adjuster?

Choosing to build an in-house solution may seem attractive, especially when nobody understands your specific business needs better than you do. It can make perfect sense to want to retain total control and create the architecture you need to address all of your business needs. Challenges arise, however, when after you’ve invested capital into your in-house solution it requires a significant change or update. Given that change is inevitable, it can be hugely beneficial to have a solution that not only addresses every specific requirement in your business today but tomorrow as well. The backbone of Virtual Claims Adjuster is adaptability and the ability to customize our suite of products to meet your evolving needs. 

If you’re a third-party adjuster looking for the most robust and reliable claims management software on the market, choose the industry and put your trust in our software.

Interested in learning more about the Virtual Claims Adjuster software and what it can do for your claims handling business? We have a free demo you can try.