Our scalable program model means you get the specific product you need for your company.

Your business is unique, unique in the field of claims adjustment, even, and we understand that. Whether you’re representing a private individual who has lost her home in a fire, a large group of claimants following a high-volume catastrophe such as a flood or shipping disaster, or assisting a company through the claims process, your task is never simple.

From policy review to the eventual negotiation, accuracy and thoroughness are key. That sounds simple enough, but as you well know, there is nothing simple about assessing policies with a fine-tooth comb for every endorsement, exclusion or limitation. Nor is there anything straightforward about quantifying loss or countering initial settlement offers, not to mention keeping a handle on Lloyd’s compliance. Of course, there are all those mundane, manual tasks, plus the plethora of industry protocols and guidelines to follow. What’s more, with state-by-state and province-by-province variation in legislation, the terrain is especially tricky for even the brightest of talent you might have imported from the other side of the country.

Like a long drink of cool water on a hot day, Virtual Claims Adjuster is the relief you need. This cloud-based claims adjustment software is the most powerful tool your firm could think of investing in. From file access to search functions and camera capture, VCA makes everything easier. With this cloud-based solution, communication couldn’t run more smoothly. On our platform, your whole team has access to all the information, all in one place, reducing time wasted in update meetings, and increasing staff productivity and morale.

Our software automates claim intake and assessment and other manual tasks, which means greater efficiency and reduced file handling costs. Employees using VCA simply get more done hour for hour, and our customers are satisfied with increased staff productivity and capacity, as well as the improved turnaround time. Security is another important feature, and our software is highly encrypted to ensure your claim data remains secure. Additionally, our disaster recovery safeguards are there to give you peace of mind.

Need any further functions or platforms? Our in-house developers are able to build additional functionalities to sit on the VCA framework.

Flexibility for storm and fieldwork is another feature that sets the VCA service apart. We understand that in your line, you don’t always have the luxury of leisurely sitting down to open up a laptop. In the field, things happen quickly, and you need to keep up. That’s why our developers have worked hard to create an app that gives you access to all VCA’s useful features right on your mobile device. With our mobile app, you can check claim details, access contacts, make notes, add time, send emails, review files, add loss photos, and more. All of this happens in real-time, which means all you need is a wi-fi or cellular connection to ensure all and any team members who need to be in the know, are in the know.