Every Property Manager’s Right-Hand Man

Insurance policies form one of the most important parts of your everyday operations as a property manager. Risk comes with the territory, and insurance ensures that you don’t experience major financial disruption, debt, or even bankruptcy in the event of an accident.

With Virtual Claims Adjuster, you can supercharge your existing policies to ensure your coverage works for you every time. Consider our software your business’s right-hand man.

Don’t Let Bad Claims Management be the Chink in Your Armour

Property managers assume virtually the same risk and liability as the property owner, and sometimes more. That’s no small matter. The average property manager will have insurance accounts for errors and omissions, general liability, tenant discrimination, and more. These policies are designed to serve all or most eventualities, from tenants damaging buildings or being affected by issues relating to the building, to structural, plumbing, and electrical problems.

Your insurance policies, however, are only ever as strong as your ability to swiftly make claims and follow all the rules. We make sure that your ability to make claims is never the chink in your armour.

Virtual Claims Adjuster allows you to file claims, add notes, images, and documentation, and communicate everything in real-time with your insurance agency or third-party adjuster. And all from your phone or laptop.

Claim Handling Wherever and Whenever You Need It

You don’t spend your life at your desk, so we’ve designed a system that gives you the freedom to manage your accounts wherever you are. Our web app has been perfectly translated into a mobile application that can be used on modern smartphones and tablets.

Every mobile file handling tool is baked right into the software, allowing you to:

Initiate new claims and input details
Capture photographs and upload to your case file
Organise and input addresses and maps
Enter and manage time stamps
Auto dial contacts
Rapid search for files and information
Automatically notify third parties when changes are made

…and much more!

The VCA Insurer Portal is your single online space for managing all insurance claims and disputes, making compliance matters simple and reducing the time you spend filling in forms and filing essential paperwork.

Lloyd’s of London Compliance? It’s Sorted

We’ve thought of everything. Every user can expect Lloyds of London features and compliancy baked right into the software as standard. Virtual Claims Adjuster helps you meet the extensive and demanding requirements of this large insurance market.

VCA walks you through compliance matters, ensures total accuracy during the claims handling process, and allows you to take full advantage of this important market. The software gives you fully formatted, compliant, Lloyd’s-approved reports when you need them. Enter the appropriate information, upload the necessary files, and the reports are created instantly.

Evolving and Improving All the Time

Our software is always evolving, meaning new features are available to you regularly, and the system just gets more efficient over time. We’ll handle tedious and laborious compliance matters, while you go ahead and grow your property management business.

Ready to get started? We offer a free, zero-obligation trial. Check the software out for yourself and see how much time you could save!