Because motor vehicles are so often damaged, totaled, or stolen, auto insurance claims are all too common. With that said, no two incidents are identical.

For one claim, you may need to determine whether or not a single vehicle should be ruled a total loss. On another claim, you may need to perform appraisals on multiple vehicles with heavy damage. As an adjuster, this keeps your job interesting, to say the least.

With your own company and the other parties involved breathing down your neck, there’s also the pressure to perform your appraisal or valuation quickly and accurately.

Consider how an intuitive, customized claims management system would make the entire auto claims process easier.

Whether you’re a third-party adjuster or a staff adjuster at large insurance company, Virtual Claims Adjuster (VCA) is equipped with all of the claims management tools you need to process your claims quickly and efficiently.

To start, our cloud-based claims management software features a clean, user-friendly interface that will help you keep all of your claims data organized.

Automating some of the most mundane data entry tasks and helping you streamline much of your company-specific protocol, Virtual Claims Adjuster frees you up to dedicate more time to areas that require your specific skill set and expertise.

Virtual Claims Adjuster goes wherever you go!

As an adjuster, you likely juggle time spent at the office with time spent out in the field. Without our loss adjuster software in place, this can turn into a point of frustration for you. While you’re able to collect information and take photos on site, you’re not able to properly record any of that data until you get to your desk!

When you use our mobile claims management app, all of that changes. Our mobile software provides all of the same features that are available via the Virtual Claims Adjuster desktop interface.

Whether you’re looking to check claims details, record and upload photos, or communicate with other parties, you’ll be able to perform all of these functions in real time.

Nothing beats world-class training from our claims management software experts.

Although Virtual Claims Adjuster is both intuitive and user-friendly, we want to make sure that all of our clients receive the training they need to get the most out of the software.

We offer three different types of training, based on the different needs of our many clients.

In online sessions, our experts provide live, one-on-one training for key leaders in your organization. By equipping them with all of the tools and resources they need to understand the software inside and out, they are able to then train other members of the organization.

Group training is designed to be a flexible option that accommodates large groups. Because it can be difficult to coordinate with schedules, our group webinars are prerecorded. This means they can be played back at any time.

Finally, an onsite training session consists of an in-person visit, where one of our Virtual Claims Adjuster experts will offer a hands-on approach to learning the software. Schedule a single session or a multi-day event!

Interested in learning more about the Virtual Claims Adjuster software? Get a free demo of our product today!