Reinforcing Crucial Military Indemnity Policies

For every military body or institution, including barracks and bases, full-coverage insurance policies are the backbone and safety net of your operations. With Virtual Claims Adjuster those policies can be utilized in full, settlements agreed quickly, and all with minimal fuss.

Our powerful software solution makes your job easier at the times you really need it. In the event of an accident or litigation, we help you manage your claims and communicate with your colleagues, agents, adjusters, and lawyers in one place.

The Military’s New Best Friend

Military insurance coverage is extensive. Cyber liability is now essential for all public institutions, covering loss of electronic data through disruption, theft, or corruption. Vehicles require coverage, along with other administrative or specialist equipment, and professional indemnity is an absolute necessity.

Military operations require all the same coverage as any other organization or body that oversees a large team – and then some. With military staff often living on-site, and other members of staff spending many hours on base, insurance coverage must be all-encompassing and extensive.

That safety net, however, is only ever as strong as your ability to manage and submit claims quickly, efficiently, and in accordance with all the rules. Virtual Claims Adjuster takes that stress off your hands and reinforces your protection by ensuring all compliance matters are dealt with and high standards maintained at every step.

Consider Virtual Claims Adjuster the military’s new best friend, offering powerful metrics and information on previous claims, automated filing processes, and a user-friendly interface that makes managing multiple claims a breeze.

Specialist Insurance Software Optimised for Military Use

Manage your case on specialist claims software designed for industry professionals and optimized for military use. Our cloud-based claims management system boasts comprehensive communication features and a mobile application that allows you to create new claims and edit ongoing cases from your desk or from the field.

With our software tool, all kinds of military institutions are empowered to focus on what they do best and leave insurance and compliance matters to the software and the insurance experts. The custom software setup includes bespoke field input designs to ensure you can quickly inform your insurance company of all the relevant details and the dashboard assists with every area of compliance.

Communication is Key. Virtual Claims Adjuster Handles It All

With this intuitive system, users can access file notes, time logs, reports, property information and payment history from one convenient dashboard. Once set up, these claims can be instantly shared with other public sector officials, lawyers, military personnel, third-party adjusters and insurance agents.

We take compliance matters off your hands, allowing you to manage any claim as it arises and communicate all important details quickly and seamlessly. Snap a photo of the damage and upload it directly from your phone, or instantly forward important documents and PDF files to the professionals managing your account.

Virtual Claims Adjuster fundamentally changes and improves workflow structures and allows you to spend more time overseeing important military functions.

See how Virtual Claims Adjuster can transform your workflow. Sign up for our free trial today.