Streamline Your Marine Surveyor Claims with Help from Virtual Claims Adjuster

The process of buying or selling a ship, boat, or yacht often requires the services of a marine surveyor. The surveyor’s job is to carefully review all aspects of the vessel, from bow to stern, providing an accurate assessment of the vessel’s condition and performance. This full assessment often needs to be reported to other stakeholders and insurance companies.

As you would imagine, an error made by a marine surveyor has the potential to produce disastrous repercussions. A business might see a significant financial loss as a result of an error. There may even be an accident involving a large vessel or valuable cargo.

It’s for this reason that marine surveyors carry their own insurance—typically, professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omission insurance—to protect the surveyor’s business from damages in the event of an error or miscalculation.

If your business sells professional liability insurance or any other type of insurance to marine surveyors, you need to be aware of the different incidents that can occur. Furthermore, you need to be able to navigate these types of insurance claims and ensure that all of the different parties and factors involved are carefully considered.

With Virtual Claims Adjuster, you’ll be able to keep all of your claims data organized.

Particularly when dealing with marine surveyor insurance claims, you’ll need to make sure you’re filing survey reports and tracking important dates. An unorganized claims management system can quickly unravel your efforts, causing you to repeat certain tasks and adding to the frustration of an already-difficult claim.

Our product was developed to make claims management processes as simple as possible for businesses. This frees them to process claims faster and more efficiently, increasing their bottom line as a result.

Our web-based software is user-friendly, compliant, and secure.

Virtual Claims Adjuster is easy to use, and we continue to work closely with our clients to evolve our interface in ways that benefit them and improve our product.

Our built-in Lloyd’s module keeps you in line with the Lloyd’s of London market requirements, and generates fully-formatted reports as needed. Safe and secure, all of your claims data is protected so that you never need to fear an information leak or breach.

Take your claims wherever you go!

With Virtual Claims Adjuster, you can work from anywhere in the world. Simply load up the VCA mobile application and enjoy all of the same features that are included in the desktop interface.

Whether you’re in the field to assess damage to a vessel, or whether you’re updating a claim from the comfort of your home, you’ll be able to perform important functions from your smartphone or mobile device.

Better yet—updates to claims are processed in real-time, so your entire team will be able to view current information as soon as it is posted.

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