As an independent insurance adjuster, you always act in the best interest of your policyholders. In order to do so, and to provide the best service for clients, you’ve got to accurately collect all pertinent information for processing claims and provide your clients with the best chances to get optimum settlements. 

Resolve claims faster and watch your day-to-day operations become more efficient.

If you’re like most individual IAs, you’re a one-person show! From in-field claim assessments to back-office administrative tasks and operations management, you’ve got to do it all. If you’ve been struggling to keep up and are operating at your bandwidth, explore how Virtual Claims Adjuster can help to alleviate the pressure.

We get it. You’re always on the run.

That’s why file handling should be able to be done everywhere. Our mobile app means productivity never stops. Fully-featured – not some watered-down version of the desktop portal –  it gives you access to VCA’s full suite of tools no matter where you are, or what you’re working on. Extend the enterprise beyond the four walls and:

  • Track the claim from start to resolve
  • Process payments using checks
  • Loss run reporting of historical claims data
  • Bordereau reporting of financial data
  • Track the lifecycle of any claim
  • Upload and review images and attachments
  • View reminders, messages and appointments
  • Enter time and disbursements
  • Add file notes and update status
  • Automatically map addresses
  • Auto-dial contacts
  • Email insured and insurer

Get the education you need, get the most out of your claims management software.

VCA can be an extremely powerful tool. It cuts file handling costs by as much as 30% with intelligent automation that frees you up to focus on what matters most, resolving claims faster. It fundamentally improves the claims flow process with insights into the lifecycle of an individual claim as well as overall productivity, and enables you to follow the claim lifecycle in real time. By bringing data to the forefront of your process, gain insights into the decision making process and resolve claims faster.

VCA is so intuitive that new users can start resolving claims with less than two hours of training. And if you get stuck – you can relax knowing that customer service emails are addressed in less than 30 minutes. We spend time with key individuals (you) within your organization to offer training and instruction on both the administrative aspects of the claims software as well as the user interface and best-practice standards. 

Everyone is different. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Why pay large enterprise fees for services you don’t currently need? We offer various platforms that fit your individual needs and current budgets and will structure a solution tailored to your business. Whether it’s per-seat licensing solutions or our per file option, trust that you’ll find a solution that fits.

We built our solutions for people like you!

For individual insurance adjusters, there’s no better way to shave time – and keystrokes – with quick entries for file notes, logging time and changing claim statuses. Book a free demo to learn more.