Responding to high volume catastrophe events takes coordination and requires urgency. Having proven catastrophe operating procedures, experienced professional appraisers on scene and access to the right technology is vital in quickly and efficiently assessing all types of losses.

Dealing with large scale catastrophes require exceptional scoping and estimating skills, as well as a considerable amount of claims knowledge. Professionals need to utilize effective mobile field data collection and estimating solutions. 

That’s how Virtual Claims Adjuster fits in…

Cloud-based and fully-compliant claims management software

In the midst of high volume catastrophic events, you’ve got to make sure that your team and tools are working efficiently and effectively. With Virtual Claims Adjuster software, you can streamline processes while improving the accuracy of your reporting. Our claims management software allows you to:

  • Automate redundant manual tasks and create automated workflows to streamline work.
  • Minimize turnaround times for improved client satisfaction.
  • Access powerful performance metrics so you can understand how to improve.
  • Improve the overall quality of your work and standardize your processes.
  • Identify new business trends and unlock new revenue streams.

We know that in your business the world is always changing. We enhance our software on an ongoing basis because we know that creating the best software products is an iterative process and involves intimately understanding your unique needs.

high volume catastropheMobile claims management

It’s all happening out there! Not in the office. So what good is a claims management software that can only be accessed from one central location? Or a big and clunky desktop computer?

Cloud-based solutions are the way forward, there’s no doubt. Your ability to effectively do your work is contingent on seamless tools that take the friction out of the claims reporting process. Our mobile software is intuitive and easy to use, but also gives you access to our whole suite of tools right from your mobile device. We’re with you, wherever a high volume catastrophe takes you and your team.

Top-tier security

Fortunately, Virtual Claims Adjuster is not only accessible from anywhere and on almost any device, but it’s also the most secure in the business. As leaders in cloud-based data storage, and as part of our corporate responsibility initiative, we’ve implemented unprecedented levels of security. 

Everything that we do, or build, is done with security top-of-mind. We conduct proactive threat assessment testing procedures that address potential vulnerabilities regularly, and we deploy intrusion detection and prevention systems that are audited extensively by government and industry regulators. In other words, your data is as safe as possible. 

Your job is to provide the best service and create the most accurate claims possible. Our job is to give you the tools to do that competently today, and into the future.

Interested in learning more about the Virtual Claims Adjuster software and what it can do for your claims handling business? We have a free demo you can try.