Fit, happy and healthy

That’s the image most people have in mind when thinking of who you’d typically see in a gym or fitness center.

But what if something goes wrong? Someone slips in the shower, something goes amiss on that treadmill, or someone has a cardiac event. Yes, you have all your waivers and indemnities in place, but that doesn’t mean you’re free of risk. And if the worst comes to the worst, you might well have a claim on your hands.

We understand that as a health and fitness expert you know your game through and through, but loss, liability, and other insurance matters? That’s specialist territory: think insurance compliancy rules, policy assessment, and the manual, mundane nature of handling claims. Of course, you can do it, but it’s certainly not straightforward or simple. Things get even more complicated when the claimant has an insurance specialist on their side.

Thankfully, Virtual Claims Adjuster is there for you.

This cloud-based claims adjustment software will keep you on track. It’s your best solution to ensure accuracy and completeness in file and evidence submission. From logging data to search functions and camera capture, VCA is designed to make your life easier. And, being cloud-based, communication is a breeze. Our platform gives you and your claims adjuster, plus any other relevant parties, access to all the information, all in one place. This prevents wasting time in meetings, freeing you to get on with your job.

Seeing as you probably don’t deal with claims every day, our software package is available to you on a cost-per-file option if you prefer, or, for larger organizations, our pricing can be structured as a per-seat licensing cost, saving you money as well as time. Our entire program model is scalable, allowing you to select the exact product you need for your company. And if you find you need any further functions or platforms, our in-house developers can build additional functionalities to sit on the VCA framework. In the meantime, you’ll be pleased to know our developers have worked hard to create an app that gives you access to all VCA’s useful features right on your mobile device. With our mobile app, you can check claim details, access contacts, make notes, add time, send emails, review files, add loss photos, and more. All you need is a wi-fi or cellular connection to ensure all relevant parties stay in the know. Sure, you might have the edge on us when it comes to yoga, but we’re no slouch when it comes to flexibility either!

So, what can you expect from Virtual Claims Adjuster? Automated claim intake and assessment, for one. VCA takes care of this and other manual tasks for you, not only saving you time but also reducing file handling costs. Security is another important feature, and our software is highly encrypted to ensure your claim data remains secure. What’s more, our disaster recovery safeguards are there to give you peace of mind in the event of system crashes or data loss.