Schools, universities, and all varieties of educational institutions face an abundance of insurance requirements and a minefield of potential litigation. Every responsible facility, therefore, takes extensive measures to ensure legal compliance and to prepare for all eventualities.

But it can be time-consuming and difficult to keep track of.

Educational insurance policies span the usual coverage for property damage and equipment breakdown (like computers, servers, and gym equipment), right up to employer and public liability, fidelity guarantees, and personal accident coverage.

Responsible Schools Protect Themselves with Insurance Policies, But Claims are Hard to Manage

Protecting your educational institution against employment practice lawsuits, harassment claims, and bullying cases can be tough. The virtual inevitability of lawsuits, even for the best schools, is daunting enough. Managing them is another dilemma entirely.

The same goes for property damage, theft, and other matters that might negatively impact operations or cause financial loss. Frozen pipes or failed plumbing systems can bring the proper functioning of a school to a complete halt and damaged or stolen property can result in substantial monetary losses.

Insurance protects your school, but until now, managing a sweeping range of policies and understanding how to make successful claims has been an enormous and time-consuming project. Not only does it require extensive documentation and understanding of compliance matters, but often the mere filing of a claim with third-party adjusters or insurance companies becomes a task that takes weeks, or even months, to complete.

Similarly, litigation matters and correspondence with your legal team will take up much of your valuable time.

You could hire administrative staff to deal with these issues for you, or you could try a cost-effective, all-encompassing technological solution instead.

Virtual Claims Adjuster Makes Managing Claims Simple and Seamless

Designed for insurance professionals and optimized for educational institutions, our Virtual Claims Adjuster software keeps you protected and organised.

Virtual Claims Adjuster is your convenient online tool for managing all kinds of insurance claims and communicating important information with all relevant parties. Whether you’re making a claim on damaged property or compiling documentary evidence for an insurance claim against your institution, the Virtual Claims Adjuster software is a comprehensive tool.

Create a new claim on the software, outline the details of that claim and upload relevant documentation and evidence, and then immediately connect with your insurance agent or lawyer. What could be simpler?

Users receive notifications every time a claim is updated, and the online management system allows you to upload PDF and image files and update the case from wherever you are. From your smartphone or laptop, your claims are always accessible – and you’re always kept in the loop!

Your Gateway to Claims Professionals

We know how important your time is, and how compliance matters can make insurance claims drawn-out and complicated. That’s why we developed our Virtual Claims Adjuster software to streamline the process, ensure compliance matters are dealt with, and take the responsibility off your hands.

Connect your account with adjusters, lawyers, and agents and your claim will be handled in the timely and professional manner it deserves. This seamless, reliable online solution saves you time, money, and complications that hurt your ability to maintain your institution’s excellence.

See what the Virtual Claims Adjuster software can do for your educational institution. Try our free demo today!