Take full control of your construction claims management with Virtual Claims Adjuster

Construction sites can be dangerous, often regardless of whether or not all parties follow site safety protocol. The reality is that any lapse of judgment, skipped step, or design flaw has the potential to turn into an insurance claim down the road.

From the time the foundation is poured to the time of the final walkthrough and beyond, custom insurance plans are designed to cultivate a safe culture and protect the reputations of businesses. So, whether you’re dealing with the owner of a building, a construction manager, or a specific trade, there are a number of scenarios that require thorough claims management processing.

Much like construction itself, a construction insurance claim typically involves extensive paperwork and data entry. While these kinds of functions are tedious and command much of your time, there is a solution that will shave hours and hours off your processing time without cutting any corners: Virtual Claims Adjuster.

Virtual Claims Adjuster is built to support you and your entire team throughout the claims management process.

Our web-based software will help you streamline some of the more simple tasks, freeing you up to take care of the line items needing your expertise. As it is designed for claims management businesses all over the world, you’ll benefit from the flexible and adaptable nature of the product.

Not to mention, we have a dedicated development and support team that is fully committed to improving the software and providing businesses with the best possible services.

Meet Lloyd’s of London market requirements with greater ease.

Just as construction companies need to be compliant with state building codes and job specifications, an adjuster’s efforts need to be compliant with the company-specific and industry-wide protocol.

You may also need to be in compliance with the Lloyd’s of London market requirements—in which case, Virtual Claims Adjuster is the perfect solution for you. Our built-in Lloyd’s module will ensure that you meet all of the Lloyd’s of London market requirements—from providing formatted reports to meeting security standards.

Enjoy the convenience of a fully-fledged mobile application.

Construction claims can be complicated in that they often require you to meet with various parties and spend a significant amount of time on-site in order to gather all of the pertinent details.

While some of the more crude claims management systems are difficult to operate and are prone to bugs, glitches, and errors, Virtual Claims Adjuster boasts a powerful mobile application that features all of the same program tools from the desktop interface.

Your team will be able to view any updates in real-time, while you process your claims at home, from the office, or on-site—all without missing a beat.

Our model produces real, proven results.

In 2016, a case study we performed showed that the average claims manager spends 1.8 hours per day handling mundane tasks that include locating files, maintaining logs, and generating reports. When our Virtual Claims Adjuster tool was integrated, businesses saw significant increases in their return on investment (ROI).

If you, too, want to cut costs and increase your business’s ROI, you can get started with a free demo and experience the results for yourself!