When incidents involving damaged property occur, it’s not uncommon for there to be disagreements over the valuation of property. After all, the insured typically wants to get as much money as possible, while the insurer wants to pay out as little as possible.

Because property is such a large investment, the cost gap between a property owner’s estimate and an insurance company’s estimate has the potential to be very significant.

While this kind of discrepancy can certainly end up in court, many insurance policies include alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clauses that allow for a professional appraisal instead.

Typically, this process is much faster and less costly. But this also means that, as an appraiser, you’re going to need to complete the appraisal process as quickly as possible to appease all parties. Companies may be working with multiple appraisers, and you don’t want to be the one holding things up!

With Virtual Claims Adjuster (VCA), you’ll be able to complete your property appraisals faster than ever.

Particularly if you’re appraising multiple properties, you need to be able to collect and manage a great deal of information concurrently. However, juggling mundane tasks can quickly overwhelm and dominate your time on the job.

That’s where VCA comes in.

Our web-based claims management software offers a broad feature set that will make your appraisal work significantly easier. With a user-friendly, intuitive interface, you’ll be able to automate workflow structures and minimize your turnaround times.

As a result, you’ll be freed up to spend more time on the functions that require an appraiser’s expertise. This appraisal claims software is can also be integrated with your business’s systems, allowing you to maintain a seamless workflow at the office.

Manage files from virtually anywhere in the world.

When you’re working on an appraisal out in the field, you need to be able to log data, post photos, and perform other key functions while the information is fresh. 

Fortunately, our mobile claims management app is every bit as impressive as the desktop software. From the palm of your hand, you’ll be able to check claims details, enter new data, update time logs, upload photos, and much more.

Every update processes in real time, so the team back at the office will be able to access new information as soon as you post it. All you need is your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device, and an internet connection!

We have the perfect solution for you.

Rather than taking the one-size-fits-all approach to claims management software, we offer different packages and licensing options for businesses of all needs and sizes. Costs can be structured as per-seat and per-file, depending on what works best for your business.

Whether you’re an individual appraiser or whether you work for a large appraisal company, our team of experts will customize a solution for you — one that offers the exact claims management tools your business needs, at a price that meets your budget.

If you’re interested in trying Virtual Claims Adjuster risk-free, you can request a free demo of the product!