As a business in the claims industry, your company relies heavily on its ability to close claims as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles that can slow down the claims handling process. If your file handlers have to waste time running back to the office to retrieve or look up additional information after each meeting with claimants, it cuts into your organization’s efficiency.

That’s where claims management software comes in.

Online claims management software streamlines your file handlers’ experience to optimize production for your company through the use of business-critical tools and capabilities that help you stand out favourably against your competition.

In this article, you’ll learn about three ways that web-based claims management software offers solutions to common problems your file handlers face – but there are many more. Use the contact information at the end of this post when you’re ready for more information.

Anywhere / Anytime Claims Handling

Your claims handlers work on the move. Since they spend their days moving from claimant meetings to claimant calls, they need a simple way to organize their files, reports, task reminders, claims documentation, time logs, photos, contacts, and various other claim tasks into a single, easy-to-use, cloud-based claims management system.

Web-based claims management systems help file handlers achieve all those objectives in a secure and searchable format that keeps them working hard, no matter where they are.

Choose claims management software that includes:

  • Reliable and secure file access
  • Evolving software that is enhanced on a regular basis
  • Automated system alerting, email integration, third-party integrations, and various audit and management tools

Analytics and Reporting Engine

Running your claims handling business successfully requires analytics. Free up the flow of your business by helping your file handlers track and manage billable hours and create accurate and detailed invoices in seconds.

In addition to speeding up your business processes, reports, and analytics, you can also meet your company’s critical requirements for client, staff, and overall company performance insight. You must track how your business, clients, and employees are doing if you want to increase your market share.

Grow your business revenue with these tools:

  • Email integration within your claims system
  • Comprehensive invoicing options that including flat rate, time and expense, staff, split- and tier-based billings
  • Advanced management for reporting, auditing, and on-the-fly query creation
  • Custom user account types with various permissions and user management tools
  • Custom status alerting and custom file types
  • Advanced claims assignment tools and team assignment tools via mapping

Seamless Data

File handlers on the move can’t be chained to the office to complete common claims tasks such as: reviewing files, updating notes, uploading photos and reports, setting up meetings, and verifying coverage data. Traveling to the office can slow your file handlers down – and slow file handlers can slow down the claims handling process and can limit your business growth to a crawl.

Today’s convenient cloud-based claims management software products make it easy to access business data on all mobile devices. With this flexibility, your staff will have the power to share data seamlessly with their associates and your clients, saving all of your staff (file handlers, assistants, and management staff) from extra tasks throughout the entire claims process.

Ignite your business today with:

  • Quick and easy system implementation
  • Free user training
  • Team of industry professionals dedicated to assist your firm, working as an extension of your company

Are You Ready to Review Claims Management Software?

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