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Five Ways Our Software Streamlines Your Insurance Handling Claims

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Any business that handles insurance claims on a regular basis understands just how laborious the task can be. Ensuring that every party involved with an insurance claim has up-to-date and accurate information and that every person knows what needs to be done next, can be time-consuming and difficult to handle. This is especially true for those who manage multiple claims at any one time.

For this reason, claims handling software has become an essential part of this industry. With Virtual Claims Adjuster, users can streamline the way they handle insurance claims, ensure greater accuracy, and effortlessly manage multiple claims at one time.

Access Your Claims Remotely

One of the most convenient features of claims handling software like Virtual Claims Adjuster is that it can be accessed remotely. Whether you’re at work, at home, or out on the field, all your cases can be instantly accessed on your phone or another mobile device. Within that mobile app or web software, you can update cases, add new information, send important messages to all parties involved, or even initiate a new claim.

Accessing your claims remotely means you’re no longer restricted to your office, or indeed, anywhere you can take a laptop!

Reduce Unnecessary Spending

Virtual Claims Adjuster puts all of your company’s information and data in one place. It means less time spent handling repetitive tasks, ensures a smaller team can get on with the jobs they need to do, and reduces your infrastructure expenditure.

In short, this innovative software solution optimizes your company’s revenues and ensures you’re always spending your money wisely. The easy-to-use and intuitive nature of our software, combined with our competitive rates, make VCA a compelling option for your company.

Update All Parties in One App

With our software, there’s no need to send multiple emails to update all parties every time a case moves along. By controlling permissions on each case, you can ensure relevant people are automatically updated and notified whenever anything changes.

Added a new file to the case? No need to tell anyone, they’ll get a notification straight to their device. It’s really that easy.

Make Data Entry Simple

Data entry is a key part of claims management. This is the process that establishes the parameters and context of each claim, and it is essential this information is reproduced correctly on all forms and for all parties involved.

With Virtual Claims Adjuster, you can quickly and easily generate invoices, create automatic file notes, update cases remotely, and generate template and photo-sheets in just a few clicks (or taps!). When you create a case and input the relevant information, the software automatically captures that information and replicates it, filling in all relevant forms and doing away with repetitive and pointless tasks.

Data entry has never been easier.

Offload Data Security to VCA

Finally, Virtual Claims Adjuster allows you to offload much of the burden of keeping data secure to the software.

Designed to protect personal information, this mobile software keeps data locked down and protected with all the latest cybersecurity tricks and techniques. Your customers’ data is always safe in our hands, and you don’t need to spend extra time or money securing it.

Consider these five ways our software makes your work easier, and we’re sure you’ll see the value in what we offer.

It’s all available at a highly competitive rate, too!

Disaster Recovery for 2020

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2020 if off to a wild start. Canadian pipeline protests forced rail networks to shut down. The United Kingdom saw two major storms in the space of a week, causing flooding and property damage across the country. Australia is even still recovering from a major bushfire that destroyed thousands of buildings and burned almost 46 million acres of land.

The unexpected happens all the time, and if your business isn’t ready, it can spell real trouble for your future. Whether it’s a loss of staff, travel disruptions, data loss, hacking, or even a natural disaster that makes it near impossible for you to continue operations, an unexpected turn of events can end an unprepared business overnight.

What Should Your Business Prepare for in 2020?

Nobody can predict what’s going to happen this year, but we can analyse trends.

Data protection and cybersecurity have become two of the most important considerations for businesses across every industry in recent years, and it will become even more relevant in 2020. A study from Accenture found that just 17% of global organisations are performing as “leaders” in cybersecurity, despite it being one of the biggest issues for companies as we enter the new decade.

As big players get better at protecting their data online, hackers have focused their attention on weaker targets; third-party vendors further down a better-protected company’s supply chain. This kind of cyber attack now accounts for 40% of security breaches worldwide.

In 2020, your company is at greater risk than ever from online hackers, and a good disaster recovery plan ensures that you are not only protected but prepared for the possibility of the worst happening.

Beyond data protection, natural disasters remain a very real possibility for companies in any country. Whether it’s a major storm, flooding, or even something as extreme as a bushfire, your business needs to be prepared.

VCA Prepares Your Business for All Scenarios

Virtual Claims Manager can’t eliminate the risks your business faces, but we can help minimize them, and ensure you are prepared for the worst. We help you make smart decisions for your business based on your industry, your location, and other factors the define what risks you are most vulnerable to.

We work with small, medium, and large enterprise clients all over the world, evaluating working environments and processes to ensure disaster recovery plans are as efficient (and relevant) as possible. Our team of specialists ensure that you, your team, and even your equipment is ready to face all varieties of challenges thrown at you.

We take everything into consideration. Our team of specialists analyse your hardware life cycle, ensure your data is backed up frequently, and that you’re protected against backup corruption. We’ll guide you through minimizing the risk of data loss and hacking and help you set up a plan that ensures you can set up a new office or operation in as short a time as possible.

We’ll ensure you can get your business back on its feet in the event of any kind of disaster.

To find out more about our services or to arrange an initial consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also request a quote or a free demo right here on our site.

4 Tips for Improving Your Company’s Data Security

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Research consistently shows that most businesses are not fully prepared for a cyberattack and could be extremely vulnerable to data loss. With poor cybersecurity practices commonplace in all kinds of companies, it is more important than ever to consider how your operation can become more cyber-aware.

With this in mind, here are three simple tips to help you improve your company’s data security and get on the path to becoming a more secure business.

Have a Disaster Recovery Plan in Place

You never know what is around the corner. Any kind of emergency could completely disrupt your company’s supply chain, create a staff shortage, or impact your working environment in a way that stops you from being able to perform key business functions.

It might also come in the form of a major data breach.

A disaster recovery plan goes a long way to securing your company’s private data. Working with the team at Virtual Claims Adjustor, you can minimize your vulnerability to cyberattacks and learn how to protect your hardware, network, and computer systems. Trust in our team, and we’ll keep you up to date on the latest cybersecurity trends and help you implement measures that protect you in the event of an attack.

Remember, this is a very real threat. A study from Verizon found that 52% of data breaches were done via straight-forward hacking, and 28% involved malware downloaded by users on a business computer network. A further 32% occurred as a result of phishing.

Use Reliable, Secure Software

Any company that handles client data faces twice the cybersecurity risk. Not only is your company’s personal information vulnerable to hacking, but so are the contact details (and even bank details) or hundreds or thousands of your own customers.

When dealing with a large set of customers, it is essential that you utilize management software that takes much of that responsibility off your hands. Virtual Claims Adjuster does exactly that. With an ultra-secure claims management system, we act as the go-between for you and your clients, keeping personal information locked down and safe.

Use Strong Password (and Change Them Regularly!)

A Varonis Global Data Risk report in 2019 found that 38% of users used passwords that never expire, and that 61% of companies examined had more than 500 active users with passwords that do not expire. This practice, while generally considered more convenient, opens a company up to the possibility of hacking.

If just one password is leaked, a company’s entire database becomes vulnerable. Switching passwords regularly ensures that, if this ever happens, access is minimized and shut off within a fixed period of time. Smart businesses promote a culture of regularly updating passwords and keeping data safe.

Educate Your Team About Phishing Scams

Remember how we said 32% of data breaches were done through phishing? That simply means that email users clicked links in spam emails and willingly gave up sensitive information like passwords. It’s a simple scam and one that catches less-aware people off guard.

Educating your team about phishing scams is essential in any modern business operation. Ensure your team knows never to click links in unsolicited or unexpected emails and to instead direct themselves to a website through their web browser and log in through secure channels.

An educated team, combined with useful software tools and services from the team at Virtual Claims Adjuster, can ensure your business is fully equipped to protect sensitive data.