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Business Planning

Owning a successful, profitable business today is the direct result of yesterday's strategic business planning.  As part of this planning it is important that we introduce initiatives that cover your needs of today, yet plan for your company's growth and changing business needs of tomorrow.

In today's complex business world many owners are responsible for many tasks including (but not limited to):

  • ensuring that day to day operational objectives are met
  • meeting customer's needs and expectations
  • managing company budgets
  • evolving business processes and procedures
  • overseeing marketing initiatives to potential clients
  • maintaining existing client relationships
  • creating and promoting new service offerings to existing clients
  • ensuring that company employees' needs are met

In addition to the above tasks business owners are faced with the burden of managing their company's IT infrastructure.

The importance of IT infrastructure in an organization and it’s relation to the success of the organization is well known throughout the corporate world. When IT infrastructure is well planned and deployed you don't hear anything in the news, however when issues with IT infrastructure exist for businesses, they make news headlines. An example of this issue includes the leaking of private information including companies that have leaked personal information such as security numbers and private credit card information.

Careful infrastructure planning in today’s business is a must in order to continue to operate your business successfully long term.  Infrastructure plans should include: disaster recovery plans, data security processes and procedures, server upgrades, hosting maintenance, future upgrade planning and associated project budgeting.  In just managing the disaster recovery plan itself  substantial costing is involved.  Many companies overlook the possible consequences in poor infrastructure planning because they feel that the larger disaster recovery plans can be far outside of their company's reach financially.

The face of business has changed in the past 10+ years, "Hosting in the Cloud" has become a business standard that is embraced by many companies in order to conduct day to day business successfully. Proof of this change can be seen in the direction taken by Fortune 500 companies, who each have, or are developing cloud strategies.

Virtual Claims Adjuster (VCA) offers an industry leading approach to IT Infrastructure Planning. VCA is committed to successful long term infrastructure planning for our clients, and also ensuring that the associated costing is affordable to clients of all sizes.  VCA follows through by assigning business analysts and research specialists who are responsible for the long term infrastructure and business planning for VCA as it relates to our clients needs. Virtual Claims Adjuster works with many companies of all sizes worldwide, assisting them with forward thinking long term solutions.

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