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Effective Marketing

Becoming effective in your business marketing efforts requires knowledge of how to track and measure the results of your various marketing initiatives. The ability to gain insight into where to increase or decrease your marketing efforts depending on their performance.  By becoming very effective in your marketing practice you ensure that you are targeting the right areas, confirming that your marketing budget is being spent wisely.

Virtual Claims Adjuster (VCA) assists clients through tracking various trend data. Features in VCA allow our clients to:

  • Use trend data to focus marketing efforts
  • Create customer trend data queries to analyze your clients trends
  • Enforce superior quality standards and show potential clients how you achieve your high levels of client satisfaction
  • Provide clients with effective tools to assist them, tools such as a client portal, various notifications, and custom data feeds.
  • Employ proper customer relationship standards


Successful marketing is the key to all successful businesses - it’s really that simple. If you spend the time to learn how to market effectively and implement what you have learned your efforts will result directly in the growth of your company. It is a science of creating initiatives, implementing them and tracking the results. The marketing initiatives that work should be duplicated again and again, those that are unsuccessful should be replaced with new initiatives.


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