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Strategic Growth

From the outside, many people will look at very successful companies that have maintained substantial growth through economical issues such as recessions, as businesses who "got lucky".  Successful business growth is not luck, these businesses are a direct reflection of their past strategic planning.

Traditional businesses experience highs and lows in terms of revenue generation throughout the life of the company (these are companies operating without strategic planning in place). This model makes it extremely difficult to plan adequately during times when the organization is experiencing growth.  During growth phases these companies will direct management teams to quickly implement new staff, processes and procedures as there is no time to plan.  Without strategic planning these companies are forced to focus on the needs of today and when the growth cycle completes and work levels return to a normal state, they realize that they have over staffed and have too much office space.  A decision is then made to decrease their staff or decrease services that they offer to their clients. This is the constant struggle that business owners face every day.

Streamlining business growth to a steady, gradual pace allows business owners to plan for the next phase in their strategic business plan.  This ensures that the company continues steady gradual growth over a long period of time, therefore removing itself from the typical company growth cycle of highs and lows. The result is a very successful large corporation that continues to plan for the future through Strategic Growth Planning.

Virtual Claims Adjuster empowers business owners by providing online tools that they can utilize to manage and monitor their strategic growth goals.  These VCA tools allow the business owner:

  • Ability to grow outside of the physical geographical borders
  • Ability to review current and past trend data with just the click of a button
  • Ability to use data queries for business owners to forecast past trends and target marketing performance
  • Evolving software platform,  every 6-8 weeks VCA enhances its feature set ensuring your technology is never stale or outdated
  • Efficiency tools that allow staff to complete more work in less time
  • Ability to look at employee performance data to ensure you can correct or reward their efforts
  • Ability to have various permission access levels for all employees, or outside clients using their portal view
  • Ability to have software that grows with your personalized business needs, and your future growth potential


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