Imagine a company that thinks a little differently than their competition. A company who developed a product for its clients, and allows the clients using their product to have direct input into new features and enhancements they would like to see developed. This business model would ensure client satisfaction, leading the curve in claims processing software.

Virtual Claims Adjuster stays current and fresh thanks to our partners and our clients. They direct which software enhancements are to be made, they bring to the table fresh new ideas each and every day. This partnership of many “brains” being brought together allows our software to lead the technology trend, always staying on the cutting edge.

Our evolving platform is unique to the software industry. This uniqueness allows our clients to keep up with the changing needs of the industry, keeping their software the most current and up to date. Virtual Claims Adjuster was developed for today with the flexibility to respond to the needs of tomorrow.

We would like to thank our partners throughout North America and Europe for all of their input over the years. You have brought Virtual Claims Adjuster to where it stands today. Leading edge technology meeting the changing needs of adjusters world-wide.