“..Web-Based Software- Making the Top 10 Technology Trends list for 2006: wireless networks, multifunctional cell phones, internet telephony, online office applications…

There was a period, after the dot-com debacle, of belt-tightening, and consolidation; the market was about survival and clean ups. Now business models are changing, and it’s more about linking the business folks with IT.

In 2006 offices will keep moving towards web documents, e-mail and spreadsheets moving off your desktop computer to the web. Large internet companies are making noise here, too. Google will work with Sun Microsystems on the open-source OpenOffice project, leading many to believe that the Internet giant is eyeing some web-based office productivity software. Microsoft is also rolling out a service that will enable workers to collaborate on documents using the Web. The internet is becoming more of a business tool than ever before.

The bottom-line objectives most enterprises have –- how to do more with less, i.e. consolidation. Whether it’s consolidating servers into a rack blade solution, outsourcing and tapping into web-based software applications, IT vendors are cranking out cost effective solutions they hope will give enterprises a reason to upgrade.

Virtual Claims Adjuster (VCA) is leading the trends in 2006, with its web-based software. VCA differs from it’s peers due to the fact that this is not a static application. Virtual Claims Adjuster evolves daily to meet adjusters changing needs. Current clients have been quite enthusiastic about the fact that they pay one low fee but receive more features as time ticks by. VCA focuses on providing the adjusting industry with the tools to become more profitable and it has become obvious that this software was designed by adjusters for adjusters.

Quotes from: Mercury News