We are pleased to hear feedback from our clients that they were able to increase their business quickly, smoothly, and efficiently, assigning temporary CAT team adjuster licenses to Virtual Claims Adjuster. We are pleased to be able to provide CAT Claim Software to CAT Teams  in order to resolve claims more quickly and efficiently in their time of need.

Clients using Virtual Claims Adjuster from these devastated regions were able to quickly get their company back up and running quickly, as Virtual Claims Adjuster is web-based, storing all documentation securely online, saving all information on claim files off-site.

CAT Teams have reported that having the ability to increase licenses on a temporary basis allows them the flexibility to increase staff temporarily as required. CAT adjusters that are using Virtual Claims Adjuster have expressed to our support team how easy the software is to use, making the transition for them a very easy one. Our 24/7 access, secure web-based software solution allows them to adjust from anywhere at anytime.