What is Virtual Claims Adjuster

As the industry leaders in file management software systems for over a decade, Virtual Claims Adjuster has been providing secure online claims software to a broad range of clients worldwide. We have a lasting commitment to providing our clients with an evolving product to meet their individual file management needs of today and tomorrow. Virtual Claims Adjusters robust feature set ensures cost effectiveness, innovative and efficient online claim management. It's a complete file management system.

The first part of providing any technical assistance to a company is to ensure that you understand what they do in their day to day business. After all, how can you help solve someone's business problems, if you don't have a solid understanding of what they do? Our experience in the claims managment industry and continued industry research, in conjunction with direct client feedback ensures that our file management system, Virtual Claims Adjuster, remains current.  All product enhancements are completed on a regular basis in house by our IT team ensuring Virtual Claims Adjuster's tools remain cutting edge keeping our clients in the forefront of their industry.

What will Virtual Claims Adjuster do for my Company?

  • Improve efficiencies
  • Minimize turnaround time
  • Improve quality standards
  • Standardize claim processes 
  • Provide on-the-fly data queries
  • Increase productivity
  • Allow for third party integration
  • Track time, expense & activities
  • Simplify document management
  • Automate file correspondence
  • Reduce file handling costs
  • Allow secure web access 
  • Enhance communication efforts
  • Secure disaster recovery plan
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Provide corporate analytics reporting

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Deb - AB

"Once taking the tour of Virtual Claims Adjuster, it became clear that this program would be a huge benefit to our company. We were very pleased at how easy it was to implement this program, we were up and running in 24 hours".

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